Ummy Video Downloader For Windows-

Ummy Video Downloader For Windows-

Ummy Video downloader is one of the fastest and free video downloading software you can ever lay your hands on.

The tool allows you to download any videos online from your favorite websites. is a free chrome extension that lets you download videos to your your PC directly from any website and watch them with or without internet connection.

Ummy video downloader is quickest and easiest way to download online videos to your computer.

Installing this plugin gives you the leverage of creating your own super video list in simple click of button.

Ummy Video Downloader


  • is 100% Free
  • Download HD videos from most popular websites.
  • Allow you to Choose any video format you prefer.
  • Save loads of Video list to play offline.
  • No need to install software.
  • it is a simple addon to the browser.
Ummy Video Downloader

Pros/Cons Of Ummy Video Downloader 1.7

 Lets take a looks at some of the advantage and disadvantage of this wonderful and overly hyped video downloader.

Ummy Video Downloader


  • Simple, Quick, easy-to-use interface
  • Minimal system demands i(Memory)
  • Convenient downloading in most video site like YouTube
  • Thumbnail image is a handy visual reminder


  • Has limited feature set
  • Annoying bundled software installation

Download HD videos or MP3 files in just 2 clicks!

  • It is very easy to use: Once it is installed, you just go your desired website browser for favorite video and download instantly.
  • Flexibility Downloader: Ummy downloader has the ability to download  video from any website like liveleak, genvideos, keepvid, veojam,  crunchyroll, and more.
  • Easy Download: You can now download your favorite music videos and flash games directly to your device at ease.
  • Easily Installed Addon: Simply install the browser addon in just a second, no need to install any software to your pc unlike other video downloaders.
  • Restrictions: Due to restrictions and copyrights of the chrome store, downloading youtube videos is not allowed.
Ummy Video Downloader

Download Ummy Video Downloader for Windows

  • Compatible with your OS
  • Free Download
  • In English
  • Version: 1.7
  • Size: 898.18 kB
  • Filename: UmmyVD-Web-Loader.exe
  • Website:


google chrome video extension for freeummy video downloader

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Top 5 Most Used Software’s In The World 



Chrome is use by over 90% of internet users and most prominent used browser in the world and remains the fast among other browsers.  it is owned by Google with numerous plugins and extensions.


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utorrentuTorrent (Windows only)

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Mobile FaceBook Video Downloader

Mobile FaceBook Video Downloader

Mobile facebook video downloader app is here to assist you download and share any video from facebook without any hassle. The mobile app plugin can be shared via iOS standard sharing and also support or video apps.

This downloader allows you to share the video you watched from facebook with your friends.

Mobile FaceBook Video Downloader 

mobile facebook vodeo downloader for andriods

Features Mobile FB Video Downloader Version 1.1:

  • Admob integration. Simply Turn Admob ON/OFF from play list
  • You have the Option to turn iCloud Backup Off for user downloaded videos
  • Easy configuration using play list

 install now video downloader
Mobile Video Downloader For Facebook

Mobile Video Downloader For Facebook

This video downloader for facebook enables you to watch, backup and download videos directly to your computer or hardware. This facebook video downloader allows you to browse, watch, backup and download all your uploaded and tagged videos.
download-facebook-videos by -rohan banekar
 Features of Video Downloader For FaceBook
  • You can navigate and preview your Facebook videos.
  • Watch and preview your videos
  • Download and Backup Facebook videos
  • No Download Limit
Additional Information


FBDown Video Downloader -Download Facebook Videos-

FBDown Video Downloader -Download Facebook Videos-

From The facebook video allows your to Download facebook videos, tag facebook photos, friends’ photos and album to your PC at a single click of button. The Fbdown video downloader is a simple and yet an intuitive software to backup your tagged facebook photos directly on your PC.

  • Allows You to download videos from facebook
  • Allows you to tag your friends photos
  • Allows your to download facebook albums directly to PC and much more.
FBDown Video Downloader
FBDown Video Downloader - Download Facebook Videos

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FB Video Download – FaceBook Video Downloader 1.9.1 For Free

FB Video Download – FaceBook Video Downloader 1.9.1 For Free

Fb video downloader 1.9.1 is a wonderful chrome extension you can simply install in your browser in few click of button and you are good to go. This downloader enables you to download facebook videos in either SD or HD to your computer hard disc. This is a wonderful and must have have plugins for chrome users.

FB Video Downloader 1.9.1

FB Video Downloader 1.9.1 - free Face Book Video Downloader 1.9.1 version

Additional Information

Version Update: Fb Downloader 1.9.1
Last Updated: September 2, 2016
Total Size: 681KiB
Language: Only English



 install now video downloader