World’s Brightest tactical flashlight – Led Torch Light


  • World’s brightest flashlight
  • lifetime 5,000 hours or 12 years
  • Can chase away attackers instantly


Lomon led torch light is one the best and brightest tactical flashlight in the market. This torch light is so powerful to deter any attacker or wild animals at first glance.

This tactical flashlight has a long range flash and can allow you to see anything as far as  500meter. This is one of the world’s brightest tactical flashlight that can burn continuously for days without fading off.

It is a rechargeable flashlight. One time charge can carry you on for weeks of continuous usage. It’s the surest flashlight for you. It is safe, energy saving, strong and powerful.

Benefits of Lomon World’s Brightest tactical flashlight 

  • Reduces energy costs — The flashlight uses  75% less energy than the ordinary led torch light you can see in hypermarkets
  • Low maintenance cost: It can lasts  35 to 50 times longer than incandescent flashlight.
  • You don’t need to replace any bulb or disposal.
  • The Lomon tactical flashlight produce less heat
  • comes with a minimum three-year warranty.
  • Available with some dimming effect for indoor use and  automatic daylight shut-off  and also  motion sensors on some outdoor models.
  • Is durable — won’t break like a bulb.

tactical flashlight

Key Features of Brightest Tactical Flashlight 

Brand Name:   LOMOM
Model Number:   SK404-1
Name:   5w Strong Light Telescopic Zoom Long Range Attack Torch
Battery Type:   18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery or AAA Dry Battery
LED Light Source:   5W Cree Led Chip 3.7V(Customizable)
Flashlight Type:   Rechargeable Flashlight
Light Output:   250 Lumens for Flashlight
OEM/ODM Order:   LOGO Printing Available
Power Source:   Rechargeable Battery
Lamp Body Material:   Aluminum Alloy
Function:   3 Modes Switch Zoom
Weight:   210 G(without Battery)
Flashlight Size:    165*26*24MM
Irradiation Range:   200 Meters
Color:   Black (Customizable)
Certification:   CE, RoHS
Water Proof:   Yes

World's Brightest tactical flashlight - Led Torch Light

brightest tactical flashlight

worlds brightest flshlight

led torch light - world's Brightest Tactical Flashlight


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